Sharmila Chauhan


Represented by Elizabeth Dench and Fiona Grant

Sharmila is a screenwriter, playwright and prose writer: Her work is a transgressive exploration on love, sex, power and the South Asian experience.

Her short films were commissioned by Film London: Oysters (dir. Pratyusha Gupta) was short-listed for the Kevin Spacey Foundation and listed as one of ShortsTV Best Short Films in 2020. Girl Like You (dir. Rajinder Kochar, produced by X-Films) detailed the perils of sexual adventures for a young South Asian woman in London.

Her plays include The Husbands – set in a dystopian India where a remote community practices polyandry and matriarchy (Soho, Kali and Pentabus Theatre), and Born Again/Purnajanam - which explores death, faith, virginity and anarchy (Southwark Playhouse).

Her play Be Better in Bed (Finborough Theatre) is set in a sex workshop and is currently in development as a TV series with Home Team. She is also writing a book of non-fiction on South Asian female sensuality.

Shortlisted for the Asian New Writer award, Sharmila’s short stories have been published widely in print and online. She is currently working on her novel RASA and a non-fiction book.

Sharmila also has a PhD in pharmacology. She practices yoga regularly and finds cooking sometimes relaxing. She’s passionate about our connection with nature, as well as medicine, faith and healing. She lives in London with her husband, two children and cat Tashi.